jPatchwork | flowtactics for Csound

jPatchwork is a graphical user interface I am programming in Java which allows the user to visually create Csound instruments by creating a flowchart, similar in use to a modular synthesizer. jPatchwork is an open source development project with the primary goal of creating a cross-platform version of the original Patchwork for Windows created by my former electronic music professor Dr. Russell Pinkston at the University of Texas Electronic Music Studios.


Link: jPatchwork @ GitHub


SinPlot is a Java program that plots Cartesian coorinates & a sinusoidal function. Just for fun there is a bit of code to randomly color each line segment & project lines from the origin for a faux 3D effect.

Link: SinPlot @ GitHub


CrapsApplet is a game of craps programmed as a Java applet.

 Link: CrapsApplet @ GitHub


A simple web client written in Java.

Link: WebClient @ GitHub