Audio Design Reel

Monster Crew


  • Contract Audio Designer for this iOS & Android title, available for download in the app store now!

Website: Monster Crew

Call of Duty Online

  • Contract Audio Designer on Call of Duty Online. I designed & implemented environment ambiences, in-game cinematics, & sound effects for this upcoming title.

Orcs Must Die! 2

  • Audio Design & implementation of environment ambience, cinematics, & combat sound effects for Orcs Must Die 2. Audio implementation in FMOD, XML & proprietary toolset.

Gameplay Video:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Audio Design & implementation of combat abilities, voice processing effects, character foley, & world objects on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • Designed the audio system for real-time VO effects. Created over 50 DSP effect presets in Wwise leveraging the RTPC system to apply unique effect chains to droids, helmets, & other headgear worn by NPC's & player characters.

DJ Hero gameplay prototypes

Under the wing of our new owner Activision, the Audio crew at 7 Studios began developing some very exciting gameplay prototypes for the DJ Hero franchise. Our goal was to expand the gameplay mechanics of the franchise into a more engaging interactive music experience.

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ

Space Camp


Six Flags Fun Park


Inside the Machinima

Virtual Brian... dont shoot!! 8) What is Machinima you ask?

Tribal Revenant

Tribal Revenant is a total conversion for Unreal 2 produced by myself and classmates in Dr. Bruce Naylor's Game Development class at the University of Texas.

Link: Tribal Revenant Website